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Blue Diamond Almonds Lightly Salted 25 oz make for a tasty and healthy snack. They're grown in rich, fertile valleys in California. With just 40mg of sodium, these lightly salted nuts can be part of a healthy diet. They have an enjoyable flavor and a delightful crunchy texture. Enjoy these Blue Diamond nuts as a snack during any time of the day. They come in a 25 oz bag containing approximately 28 nuts for a hearty handful. These almonds can promote good heart health. They have been grown with passion and care with the help of multiple families of growers to ensure a satisfactory treatment. Thanks to a resealable zipper on top, this bag can be closed up after opening. Eat a few nuts as a snack and save the rest for later, keeping them fresh and preserving the flavor. These Blue Diamond Almonds Lightly Salted 25 oz contain only 2g of net carbs.